Podcast: “My Personal Transformation as a Podcast Host” with Sharon Scibek

There is a special dynamic that occurs when two people engage in a heartfelt and meaningful conversation. My intention in hosting “Gracious Space” was to introduce to the universe people who are making a difference in the world by their presence and life’s work. I have learned so much from each of them and have even … Read more

Podcast: “Spirituality for the Second Half of Life” with Paula D’Arcy

Many of us have grown to question aspects of our religious and spiritual practices. It could be a specific life event that changes our planned path for the future or trying to find where is God in my life. Paula will share with us her own personal life event that brought her to a place of questioning, understanding, … Read more

Podcast: “Debunking the Myths: Getting Past Age Bias” with Rita Carey

Are you over 50 and between jobs? Searching for your next opportunity? Concerned that your age will disqualify you? As a candidate with a record of success, you have an advantage. You just need to demonstrate that you still have “skin in the game,” are forward-looking, and up-to-speed with the latest innovations in your field. … Read more

Podcast: “My Greatest Impact as a Marine: Leading With Vulnerability and Courage” with Lori Reynolds

Lori became the third woman 3-Star Lieutenant General in the United States. While she is very proud of her rise in rank, she is most proud of how she connected with her team. For her, it was a humbling experience. Our conversation will be about Lori’s experience, what drew her to enter the military, what some of … Read more

Podcast: “Blessings on the Broken Road: Finding Opportunity Through the Obstacle” with Krista Kasper

Have you ever experienced an obstacle or had a life experience that stirred you to act? Krista Kasper at age 27, lost her mother to stage IV breast cancer. As painful as this experience was for her as a young woman, she wanted to keep her mother’s legacy alive. She is the Founder and Chair … Read more

Podcast: “Finding Your Brave Voice” with Gillian Walter

We often hear the statement, “You found your Voice.” What exactly does that mean? Today’s podcast will help us explore the meaning of that statement. Gillian will share part of her own story on how she has found her voice and will provide examples of how we can speak from our own authentic self to calm our stress, … Read more

Podcast: “How to Unmute Yourself to Live with Greater Courage, Clarity, and Confidence” with Rachel Druckenmiller

What would happen if you were a bit more curious, had a bit more clarity and could tap into a deeper level of courage? That’s what tomorrow’s guest is going to help us do. You might find her singing on LinkedIn or sharing insights about how to unmute yourself so you can live with greater … Read more

Podcast: “The Responsibilities of Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Reflection”

Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season here in the United States. For some it is a time of joyful anticipation and for others a time of anxiety. No matter where we are in our Thanksgiving hearts, let us challenge and remind ourselves that those of us with good fortune are called to be benefactors … Read more

Podcast: “Tapping Into the Power of Radical Presence” with Dr. David Drake

Dr. David Drake’s life work has been around peoples’ narratives. What is that narrative we cling to that is preventing us from living a new and fulfilling life-giving story? This podcast will both “challenge you and inspire you to think in new ways about what is possible in your life.” Dr. David Drake is CEO of The Moment … Read more