Podcast: “Debunking the Myths: Getting Past Age Bias” with Rita Carey

Are you over 50 and between jobs? Searching for your next opportunity? Concerned that your age will disqualify you? As a candidate with a record of success, you have an advantage. You just need to demonstrate that you still have “skin in the game,” are forward-looking, and up-to-speed with the latest innovations in your field. Not sure how to go about this? Join Rita and I in an informative podcast on getting past age bias.

Rita Carey is nationally known for her work as a career coach with 50+ workers finding themselves in the midst of a job transition.  Her work as a career coach is not just a job or profession, it has become her personal mission in life. She has reached thousands of people with her webinars and approaches her work with professionalism, care, and deep respect for the individuals she serves.

Dr. Rita Carey, director of RCM Associates, is a Career Management Coach. Working with organizations and individuals, she has helped thousands find their preferred work and assisted them in navigating transitions with grace and ease.

Rita has provided career services to such organizations as General Electric, Pratt and Whitney, The State of Massachusetts, The National Institutes of Health, The White House Historical Association and served as advisor to the IBM transition center in New York State. As director of the FutureWorks One Stop Career Center, she designed a program to serve in excess of 7000 people annually. The center received an outstanding performance award from the National Alliance of Business.

Rita’s specialty is supporting professionals in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s + who are making career transitions in a tight labor market. She helps them leverage their experience and shows them how to get past the potential unconscious age biases that may exist. The success of her clients is evidence of the value of knowing the latest methods and using them effectively. Her 50+ Career Search Workshop Series is in demand and soon will be available online. Rita earned certification as a Professional Coach from The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA. and has been described as warm, wise, generous and creative.

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