My father was a carpenter. I remember him sitting in his favorite rocking chair in our basement drawing architectural plans for homes he was going to build. He was a dreamer, and I would say an artist at heart. The homes he built were mostly for family members. Mind you, this wasn’t his full- time job. Building homes was done on weekends and often in the evenings after coming home from a long and tiring eight-hour day.  He took great pride in his work, using detail and precision in every piece of wood he cut and nail he hammered.

These houses became homes. They were spaces where family would welcome one another, eat together, and celebrate holidays and life’s memorable events. There are two dimensions to the spaces created in these homes:  one is spirit which nourishes the heart and relationships and the other is physical setting that invites engagement.

In choosing Gracious Space as the name for my company, my intention is to create a space for others to gather without judgement for the deeper, transforming conversations, and to experience the process of coaching for their personal and leadership development.

I utilize the Narrative Coaching model with my clients that focuses on the four transition stages we move through in our life and professional development.