Musing Part III: Civility Walks Hand in Hand with Kindness

My past two blog articles (see Part I here and Part II here) focused on the lack of civility with questions for each of us to ponder. They were deep questions that required reflection and responsive action. I’ll repeat them again: This week, I will challenge you to walk with civility and kindness. What do I mean by … Read more

Retreat into Stillness

Do you yearn for some peace and quiet? The kind that refreshes your spirit and fills you to your deepest core. Do you yearn for time to be still and ponder your life’s purpose? For years I have put off “retreating.” There was always something else to do. My first exposure of a retreat was in a religious … Read more

Winter Blues? Call Me for a Free Discovery Conversation

Don’t let this year’s Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast get you down. Whether or not he saw his shadow, there are six more weeks of winter!  The season of winter has its beauty, joys, and challenges. Added to our ‘winter mix’ is the still looming COVID pandemic situation and the uncertainty that it engenders in our health and way … Read more

What’s Your Untold Story?

What’s Your Untold Story?

Vincent van Gogh painted a picture of Irises.  In this picture he paints one white iris amidst an array of purple ones. My mother liked this picture. She said it reminded her of my grandmother (the white iris) and her twelve children. Visiting with her one day, a few months before she died, she said to me, “When … Read more