Leadership and Life Coaching

I create a safe space for my clients to share their story without judgement and deep respect. Through reflective questions, I engage them to realize and work through their learning obstacles.

My father taught me what it means to take an idea and combine it with passion to fulfill one’s potential. I’ve translated this process into my coaching – helping women and men with leadership aspirations to recognize their strengths and gifts, and then take the necessary actions to realize their leadership potential. If you’re looking to take your leadership to the next level, let’s talk.

Life Coaching

Through the process of life coaching,
I will work with you on a journey of transition, enabling you to access your own inner resources for the changes you want to make in your life. This exploration occurs in a safe space of graciousness and confidentiality.

Leadership Coaching

Let me help you to illuminate your own value in your professional life, recognize and develop your current skill set, and expand your capacity as you move forward. It’s about intentional change and doing the work needed to accomplish success.

Transformative Conversations

These conversations are for women who want to connect in a deeper way with each other in a welcoming, inclusive, and inviting space that encourages sharing. Based on various themes that will stir hearts and minds for an engaging, and interactive conversation.

I Learned a Lot About Myself and Gained Some New Perspectives

I just wanted to let you know and to also share how much I appreciated the time we spent on this journey. I learned a lot about myself and gained some new perspectives on how to handle different situations. You are a great coach and I hope we get the chance to meet up again in the future.

An Amazing Coach and Human Who Loves Helping Others

My coaching journey with Sharon has been an amazing experience. She helped me through the most difficult time in my career to develop resilience and overcome the challenges that I was facing. She’s an amazing coach and human who loves helping others. I can’t be happier and more satisfied with her coaching.

Helps Others Ignite the Fire to Discover Their Potential

Helping others ignite the fire to discover their potential is one of Sharon’s greatest passions and abilities… as a leader and mentor, she encourages others to grow regardless of perceived obstacles.

Provides a Sense of Calmness and Directedness

I wanted to be aligned with a coach who could provide insight and guidance in a climate on unending change. I read various coaches bio and something just clicked when I came across Sharon Scibek’s bio. Ever since we began our coaching sessions, I felt like I hit the nail on the head, saying ‘this coach works for me!’ I appreciate that Sharon helped provide a sense of calmness and directedness during a time of organizational change. As I explained what was happening, what I knew, didn’t know, wasn’t sure of, Sharon lead me to articles and videos that I really found impactful. Sometimes we can get caught up with thinking we’re the only one (or company) going through turmoil and of course that’s certainly not the case! Sharon helped me to realize that self-care and relaxation is important!! The latest material she sent me was most impactful and I will use many of the tips with my team. I appreciate Sharon being a great listener and know just what to send me during a fragile time.

Sharon’s Coaching Has Been Monumental in My Professional & Personal Growth

Sharon has been instrumental in getting me to meet my professional and personal goals. Sharon has a person-first perspective to her coaching that enabled a meaningful relationship. This relationship allowed me to accomplish stated goals as well as understand the underlying issues that were preventing me from accomplishing my goals and objectives in my personal and professional life. It is the understanding of these underlying issues that will be monumental in my growth. Sharon is a one of a kind coach!

Bryan E

Excels at the 5 Foundational Building Blocks of Leadership

There are five building blocks in the foundation of leadership and Sharon excels in each of them. Commitment: Leaders allow no waffling in their commitment to the cause.  Their followers have no doubt where the leader stands and how strong their position is.  Sharon always goes the distance in her commitment to principles, values and righteous causes. Role Modeling: Sharon has modeled effective HR practice.  Her team is strong and exemplary because they have had the advantage of Sharon’s modeling.  Its effect has spilled beyond her team into the corporate climate. Focus: Sharon asks the questions that return discussions and debates to the purpose at hand.  She steers her work effort as a skilled bay pilot moves the super liners into port.  Her focus is crisp and steady. Teachable Points of View: Sharon is a teacher among her peers.  She knows how to provoke thoughtfulness, and consequent learning.  She has a “point of view” which she generously shares, and which is usually more expansive than the viewpoints of others. Edge: The gist of leadership.  This is the hoot spa of the leader of leaders.  The emotion, the passion, the belief in the mission.  Without edge, leadership is shallow and unconvincing.  Sharon has “edge” and it benefits the actions of all those she affects.

D. McGough

A Genuine, Caring Spirit

When Sharon was the President of our local HR Chapter, I was impressed with her genuine caring spirit, her connection to what was real and important in life.  I remember when she spoke at any of the meetings, she always seemed to bring into the conversation the importance of nurturing our spirits. She had a very holistic, spiritual, and healing manner about her that just made me want to be like her.

L. Brooks

Helps Others Ignite the Fire to Discover Their Potential

Helping others ignite the fire to discover their potential is one of Sharon’s greatest passions and abilities. I’m fortunate to have experienced this firsthand over 5+ years working with her at the National Electrical Benefit Fund. On an organizational level, Sharon promotes a culture of learning and respect that demonstrates the reciprocally beneficial relationships built between a thriving organization and its human capital. She delicately balances corporate needs with those of the workforce, all with a genuine spirit of service and support. This leads to a dynamic environment, where motivated employees are empowered to realize their influence over individual and collective success. As a leader and mentor, she encourages others to grow regardless of perceived obstacles. In a difficult moment, she shared with me words of advice that I now share with my own team: You don’t need a title to be a leader. Sharon is a true asset and I recommend her, without hesitation, as both an HR professional and organizational leader.

Jason Talbert

Benefits Manager, University of Florida

Committed to Employee and Organizational Growth

In my work with Sharon Scibek I witnessed first-hand her dedicated professionalism. Sharon’s ability to build rapport at all levels and her commitment to employee and organizational growth are her hallmarks. Sharon has a successful track record in motivating employees to excel in their responsibilities. Her solid understanding of human resources and organizational development results in program initiatives that intrinsically blend organizational needs with employee satisfaction factors. I would recommend Sharon to any organization seeking a dedicated human resource professional with a commitment to organizational success.

Rita Carey, Ed.D., CPCC

Career Coach, RCM Associates

Exudes First Class Professionalism

I had the privilege of working with Sharon as an external resource to supplement her hiring processes. Sharon is an absolute pleasure to partner with, as she exudes first class professionalism at all times, provides detailed and timely feedback, is extremely personable, and most importantly, she cares deeply about people, especially those in her workforce. During our work together, I had many candidates interview with her and the feedback I received from them was nothing of the ordinary. All shared that Sharon made them feel valued, welcomed, cared for, and a part of the culture she works so hard to build as a leader in HR. Any company that has Sharon leading their HR team is one step ahead, as she makes outstanding first impressions and long-lasting partnerships. Sharon is the best!

Amanda Matz

Director of Corporate Services, TBG Mid Atlantic

A Leadership Force and Creative Genius

I have known Sharon for nearly two decades and have always viewed her as a highly creative colleague. Sharon and I worked closely together when she was the President of the Chesapeake Human Resources Association (CHRA) and I was serving as the President Elect. Sharon was the leadership force and creative genius behind CHRA’s award winning program “Pathways to Success”, which partners with local high schools in a school – to – work program. One of the most admired qualities is her ability to make connections with information and work flow processes. In summary, Sharon is a highly regarded colleague who can always be counted on to provide an innovative and creative approach to every project.

Craig Medlyn, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Sr. Director HR, Indiana University

Understands the Challenges in Today’s Market

Sharon is an absolute pleasure to work with when it comes to recruiting for engineering positions. She understands the challenges in today’s market and is always prepared to move the process along so that both parties involved accomplish their mutually beneficial goal.

Andrew Fabrizio

Recruiting Manager, Engineering Recruiting Experts, LLC

An Exceptional Coach

When working with my clients seeking an executive coach, recommending Sharon to represent our firm is easy. Her professional credentials are solid, her experiences are robust and her judgement is rooted in her years of knowhow, both personally and professionally. Equally important is her ability to listen, communicate and help leaders develop the critical skills required in today’s high -performance culture. It’s her keen ability to lean on her personal & professional toolbox that makes her an extremely good coach. But as business leader, who counts on people to deliver exceptional work and to abide by the highest ethical standards…Sharon leaves no doubt. I rest easily at night knowing Sharon is on the job. Her integrity makes her an exceptional coach.

Mark Hornberger

President, NOG Talent Solutions