Transformative Conversations for Women

Walking with Mindfulness, Appreciation, and Expectation

Welcome to Women’s Transformational Conversations on the seasons of the year. 2023’S theme will focus on our journey through the seasons.

Seasons come and go, and we experience years flying by. How often do we hear ourselves say, “Where did the year go?” Perhaps we let time slip by without being present to the moment. 

Before we embark on a journey, no matter how long or short, we make sure that we pack the essentials we will need. Sometimes we pack more than we need just in case. This year’s seasonal conversations will focus on our journey as women through the seasons of our lives. I invite you to get your backpack ready and take what you think you will need for the journey. 

In Autumn our destination will be Letting Go, in Winter it will be Awareness, in Spring Awakening, and in Summer our final destination will take us to Gratitude. Before we reach our final destination of Gratitude, the journey will require openness and an honest look at ourselves. Our backpacks will be filled and emptied.

Each session is planned to take some time reflecting back on the past season and reflecting on the awareness we bring as we enter another. The cycle of the seasons offers us a rich reminder of what is necessary to enter each one and embrace the spirit and meaning it holds for us. The element of each season depends on the element of the one prior… A learning and spirited journey through and within. 

You will receive the readings with a few questions, upon registration, for you to reflect on prior to our meeting.  I look forward to enjoying this time with you and learning from you in this gracious space.


We have stepped out of the darkness of winter awareness and are invited into the light of spring awakening, like a dance. What was germinating in our spiritual self is now coming alive, breaking forth so to speak. The quote by Anais Nin comes to mind, “And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to bloom.”  Something happens to us in the spring.  It awakens and enlivens us like no other season can.  We feel lighter, new energies bloom; there is an awakening within our being that urges us with a new invitation to awaken to all that is wonderful in the world.  Nature unfolds a new presentation of her beauty and fills the air with her wondrous smells of newness. We are captivated with new life.  Harriet Ann Jacobs says it so beautifully, “The beautiful spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.”

You are invited in this Spring Conversation to come alive and awaken to new possibilities, to remember what new life looks like and to ponder what growth is right around the corner for us.


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What Session Attendees Are Saying

About Your Coach, Sharon Scibek

Sharon Scibek trained to become a coach to fulfill her passion of guiding others to reach their full potential through professional and life coaching. Her success is built on a simple approach: an honest and respectful conversation.

Prior to becoming a Certified Coach, Sharon had a successful career in Human Resources. In addition, her career spanned being an educator in parochial schools, pastoral ministry as a liturgist, and a college professor for business education and Human Resources. Because of her varied span of careers, she brings a unique perspective to her work as a coach and facilitator of the deeper conversations.

“I am honored and delighted to add my personal endorsement to this meaningful experience. I have known Sharon as a personal and spiritual friend. I find her to be a woman of prayer, a woman of God, and a woman of spiritual depth.”

– Phil Cover

“When Sharon was the President of our local HR Chapter, I was impressed with her genuine caring spirit, her connection to what was real and important in life. I remember when she spoke at any of the meetings, she always seemed to bring into the conversation the importance of nurturing our spirits. She had a very holistic, spiritual, and healing manner about her that just made me want to be like her.”

– L. Brooks