Gracious Space Coaching Podcast

I had the wonderful opportunity to host 24 Podcasts on Bold Brave Talk Radio. I’ve invited various guests who are making a difference in the world through their life’s work and personal life. In this podcast series, Gracious Space, you will have the opportunity to listen to some of their wonderful stories. As you listen, … Read more

Winter Blues? Call Me for a Free Discovery Conversation

Don’t let this year’s Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast get you down. Whether or not he saw his shadow, there are six more weeks of winter!  The season of winter has its beauty, joys, and challenges. Added to our ‘winter mix’ is the still looming COVID pandemic situation and the uncertainty that it engenders in our health and way … Read more

Close Up Radio Spotlights Sharon Scibek of Gracious Space Coaching

Listen in as Jim Masters and I discuss my work as a professional life and leadership coach! I founded Gracious-Space, LLC to fulfill my passion of guiding others to reach their full potential through professional/life coaching and transformational conversations. “You have to be a person of integrity. You have to be authentic. You have to … Read more