Musing Part III: Civility Walks Hand in Hand with Kindness

My past two blog articles (see Part I here and Part II here) focused on the lack of civility with questions for each of us to ponder. They were deep questions that required reflection and responsive action. I’ll repeat them again: This week, I will challenge you to walk with civility and kindness. What do I mean by … Read more

Podcast: “Harnessing Your Personal Power” with Karin Schultz

Karin Schultz, PCC, President-Elect of the Maryland Chapter of ICF and I will have a conversation about the benefits of coaching.  We will talk about the different types of coaching and how it can help you eliminate the obstacles of getting in the way of reaching your potential. Karin Schultz is currently serving as President Elect for … Read more

Podcast: “For Jennifer: My Climb Up Mt. Kilimanjaro” with Bob Saunders

Bob Saunders, CEO of Recognition Concepts, shares his personal experience of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, in honor of his daughter, Jennifer, who suffers with Cystic Fibrosis. This heartwarming story will touch your heart. Bob Saunders is the Cofounder and Chief Caring Officer of Warrior Events since 2009. The mission of Warrior Events is to assist injured warriors and … Read more

Podcast: “Resilience in a World of Uncertainty” with Patricia Hinton Walker

Patricia Hinton Walker, ICF Coach Trainer at Mentor Coach LLC. Patricia and I will be discussing how to be resilient in a world of uncertainty.  She will share with us practical ways to take care of ourselves when we come face to face with challenging experiences. Patricia Hinton Walker, PhD, FAAN, MCC, CBCC, NBC-HWC is an accomplished coach, … Read more

Podcast: “Talking on Eggshells” with Sam Horn

Sam Horn, CEO of the Intrigue Agency and I will be discussing how we can bring back the warmth into our conversations with each other. Sam will provide examples on how we can be more respectful in our responses to others. Sam Horn is CEO of the Intrigue Agency, a branding/positioning/messaging consultancy, which helps people craft winning sales … Read more

Podcast: “Co-Creating a Space for the Common Good” with Alice Fong

How would you describe ethics? Alice Fong, CEO of the Center for Ethical Leadership, defines it as living our core values. When we hold true to these values, we create a gracious space that invites others to join us in working together for the common good. Alice Fong is passionate and committed to promoting a healthily engaged … Read more

Podcast: “What the World Needs Now is Compassion… For Everyone” with Thom Bond

Are you tired of the violence? Do you wish it would stop? We may not be able to stop it completely, but we can each play a part of reducing it in our own day to day interactions with others. Thom Bond brings 35 years of human potential study and training experience to his work as a … Read more