Podcast: “Co-Creating a Space for the Common Good” with Alice Fong

How would you describe ethics? Alice Fong, CEO of the Center for Ethical Leadership, defines it as living our core values. When we hold true to these values, we create a gracious space that invites others to join us in working together for the common good.

Alice Fong is passionate and committed to promoting a healthily engaged community – focused on the common good for all. She’s dedicated to the co-creation of space that will deepen relationships, honor community wisdom, build trust, and promote collective collaboration.

Alice believes we all are leaders with unique gifts to share. Alice has been intimately involved and actively supporting the vision, mission, and operations of the Center for Ethical Leadership since the beginning of 2018. She is passionate about the Center’s inclusive, values-based, leadership-development philosophy and principles, and is a champion for doing the heart work it takes to bring people together to co-create positive change.

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