Podcast: “My Personal Transformation as a Podcast Host” with Sharon Scibek

There is a special dynamic that occurs when two people engage in a heartfelt and meaningful conversation. My intention in hosting “Gracious Space” was to introduce to the universe people who are making a difference in the world by their presence and life’s work. I have learned so much from each of them and have even gained new friends. In my podcast this week, I will focus on the personal impact each one had on me and how they have influenced my life’s work and personal transformation.

Sharon Scibek is a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation. She received her training through the Newfield Network and is a Narrative Coach Enhanced Practitioner. Her coaching journey was one of transformation.  She learned how to deal with obstacles that come in the way of reaching her potential.  Sharon is a lifelong learner with the ability to look at life with curiosity and gratitude.  She loves to engage others in a receptive and gracious conversation.

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