Podcast: “How to Unmute Yourself to Live with Greater Courage, Clarity, and Confidence” with Rachel Druckenmiller

What would happen if you were a bit more curious, had a bit more clarity and could tap into a deeper level of courage? That’s what tomorrow’s guest is going to help us do. You might find her singing on LinkedIn or sharing insights about how to unmute yourself so you can live with greater courage, confidence, clarity and compassion.

Rachel Druckenmiller is the daughter of two entrepreneurs and has worked with organizations like Sherwin-Williams, Citizens Bank, the Federal Aviation Administration and the American Heart Association. Recognized by Forbes, The Daily Record (REK-erd), and Workforce Magazine as an award-winning keynote speaker, facilitator and entrepreneur, she is fired up to help leaders and teams thrive and be fully alive.

She’s married to her college sweetheart, Bill. She sang with the band at her best friend’s wedding and she loves a good dance party or karaoke night. Please help me welcome Rachel Druckenmiller to the show! (Pronunciation: DRUCK-in-mill-er.)

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