Podcast: “Tapping Into the Power of Radical Presence” with Dr. David Drake

Dr. David Drake’s life work has been around peoples’ narratives. What is that narrative we cling to that is preventing us from living a new and fulfilling life-giving story? This podcast will both “challenge you and inspire you to think in new ways about what is possible in your life.”

Dr. David Drake is CEO of The Moment Institute in Portland, Oregon. He has been a pioneer in the coaching space for 25 years, including as the founder of Narrative Coaching. He has taught this work to over 20,000 practitioners in over 40 countries. His new work, Integrative Development, enables people to learn and develop with more impact in less time. David has worked with over 70 organizations, including ARM, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Dropbox, Google, Logitech, Nike, PwC, and key government agencies and leaders in the US and Australia. He currently serves as the Learning & Development Advisor for Ovida, an AI start-up in the coaching space. 

David earned his PhD in Human & Organizational Development from Fielding Graduate University in California, and he is a Thought Leader for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard. He has presented to 25 universities and professional associations around the world, including the opening keynote for the first International Coaching Psychology Congress in London. He is the author of 65 publications, including as co-editor of SAGE Handbook of Coaching (2016) and as author of Narrative Coaching: The Definitive Guide to Bringing New Stories to Life (2018).

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