Podcast: “Soul of the HR Professional” with Lori Raggio

Lori Raggio will be joining Sharon Scibek, host of the Gracious Space Podcast to have a conversation on the “Soul of the HR Professional.”  As doctors and nurses are the first responders in the medical field, it is the HR Professional who serves that role in business.  The level of volatility seems to be increasing as companies continue to face challenges in talent acquisition, turnover rates, hybrid options, and workplace violence. All of these challenges are placed in their lap. Employees look to HR for direction.  As leaders, they must stand in confidence and be ready with strategic possibilities and answers as they work to improve the employee experience and increase the health of the organization.  This can become a daunting task and HR professionals find themselves coming home at the end of the day totally exhausted both mentally and physically.  As a first responder, they also need loving care.
Sharon and Lori will share their own experiences of being the first responders in the workplace and what has helped them to create a place of balance in their professional lives.

Lori Raggio, MBA, Founder and CEO of Inspire Greatness Coaching and Consulting, LLC, serves as the creation catalyst, soul activist and intuitive transformation alchemist helping women leaders and entrepreneurs remove their armor, find their authentic self, engage with their geographical soulmate, and live aligned with their passion and purpose. 

She is a compassionate, innovative, strategic, and results-oriented leadership coach, human capital consultant, transformational retreat leader, geographical soulmate matchmaker, and best-selling author with over 25 years of progressive HR executive experience in private and public fast paced entrepreneurial growth organizations. Lori has coach certifications in Conversational Intelligence; Narrative Coaching; Integrative Development; and Team Coaching. Lori co-created the coaching component of the new Dr. Nancy Grasmick Leadership Institute at Towson University in Maryland and is one of twelve founding coaches of the Coaching Collective. 

She is powered by purpose, driven by insatiable curiosity, and guided by Source to partner with women leaders to explore who they are becoming and courageously support them to intentionally impact the world by leveraging their talents and gifts in alignment with their heart and Soul.

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