Podcast: “Living a Fulfilled Life” with Ana Tampanna

Women are and have judged their entire lives against impossible standards. They’re trained to be self-critical, and their confidence wavers.

In this podcast, Ana Tampanna and I discuss how we can be our true, authentic selves, through inner strength, divine wisdom, and even humor.

It’s important to ask ourselves, “What is the gift right now in this situation?”

Ana Tampanna, known as The Connecting Force Coach, was featured on the first Reality TV shows, REALPEOPLE, as an outrageous entertainer/caterer. She reinvented herself as the Queen of Tampa, then worked at Walt Disney World as an entertainer and consultant. She actually met her husband when she was dressed like a salad!

Ana reinvented her career again as the Adult Development Director for a Girl Scout Council where she received values-based training that became the basis of her career. She left the training field to become a professional speaker and toured the country speaking at conferences and conventions with her book, “The Womanly Art of Alligator Wrestling.”

Ana is a Distinguished Toastmaster and a co-founder of the Winston Salem’s Toastmasters’ Club, Masters in Fine Arts, former member of the National Speaker’s Association, TedX talk on Motherhood as leadership, graduate of International Coaching Academy, and a Certified Practitioner of Narrative Coaching.

Today, Ana has once again fine-tuned her career as a coach for women who are raising children while working or seeking fulfillment as they enter retirement. Her book is in its second printing. 

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